Notice of DRHS Annual Meeting

Jan 26, 2022 | Event, News

Annual Meeting to be held Wednesday, March 16th at 7 pm. 

Please watch the website for information on where it will be held. We are hoping for an in-person meeting however, we need to be cognizant of covid issues and it may again need to be virtual. So, stay tuned. 

Jeff Hostetler is not running for re-election. We will be voting on trustees and a new slate of officers as well as a by-law change for the membership to consider. See below. 

We have prepared a presentation of changes in the Stone House over the decades. Please mark the date your input is important to us. 

Proposed By-Law Changes

Approved by the DHRS Board of Trustees 10/20/21

To Be Presented to the Membership for a Vote

At the March 2022 Members Meeting

  1. Amend Article IV, Section 1b of the By-Laws

Current Language:  The Board of Trustees shall serve a five-year term.

Proposed Language: The Board of Trustees shall serve a three-year term.

Justification: We may attract some new trustees if the term is shorter, making the commitment feel less imposing. We will be nimbler in finding trustees with skills to meet our needs.

Implementation: Those current members with five-year terms will complete their five-year terms. New trustees and trustees renewing their service will have three-year terms.

  1. Amend Article IV, Section 2 of the By-Laws

Current Language: At least three, but not more than five Trustees, may be elected at each annual meeting and serve for five years.

Proposed Language: At least one, but no more than five Trustees may be elected at each Annual Meeting and serve for three years.

Justification: Through attrition, we would like to get the number of trustees down to 20, rather than 25, to provide greater focus in discussion and service for the Society. We can still elect up to five trustees if needed, so we are maintaining flexibility. The goal is to reduce the number by one or two over the next five years.  We can always reverse course with the proposed language if we decide we need more trustees. The current by-laws specify no more than 25 Trustees, so we don’t need to change that part of the language.

Support DRHS

Please consider making a donation to DRHS. This society is an independent charitable organization. It receives no town or state funding. Any contribution above basic membership is tax deductible, and is most appreciated.

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