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Deep River, CT. 06417

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245 Main Street

Deep River, CT 06417

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Celebrate 75 Years Officially as Deep River

Town’s name changed to Deep River! Governor James L. McConaughy signed a bill written by Joe Waz and Ossian Ray officially changing our name to Deep River on June 2, 1947, effective July 1, 1947.

It’s Official! No longer will the people wonder why Deep River is legally called Saybrook. Governor James McConaughy before a group of Deep River citizens and a delegation of Deep River school children signed the bill which after July 1 will make Deep River an officially recognized name for the township heretofore known as Saybrook. 

Approved by the residents of this town and passed by both the General Assembly and the Senate the bill became law with the Governor’s signature on July 1, 1947. The bill was introduced by Representatives Ossian Ray and Joseph Waz of Deep River. The Governor used two pens to sign the bill and gifted both representatives with a pen. Mr. Ray donated his pen to the Deep River Historical Society where it remains on display.

Pictured First row: Rep. Joseph Waz, Mary Miezejeski, Thomas Cox, Roberta Alexander, Governor McConaughy, and Rep. Ossian Ray; Second Row: Clara Waz, David Brainerd, William Kalwick, and Peter Rozie; Third Row: Marjorie Pasky, Senator Peterson Walter Comstock, Supt. Frank Lawler, Donald Buckridge; Fourth Row: Elwood Champion, Francis Grandshire, W. Phelps Jr. 

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