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Watch Simon LaPlace’s DRHS Talks – “Who Do You Think You Are?” & “Main Street”

Simon's Talk

Deep River Historical Society invited Simon R. LaPlace to give an informative talk at the Carriage House on September 23, 2021. He has recorded his talk and divided it into two parts. 

Part 1 entitled “Who Do You Think You Are?” traces Simon’s family roots back to the Mayflower voyage of 1620. So many of the families that made their homes here in Deep River (Saybrook) have connections to those Mayflower decedents. 

Please enjoy “Who Do You Think You Are?” below!

Part II entitled “Main Street” depicts the changes on Main Street from 1800 to today. Beginning with Samuel Snow’s house which is where Walgreen’s parking lot is today. In the next photo is the same Snow house on the right. On the left was George Spencer’s house which was purchased by Dr. Devitt, of Devitt Field fame, and later became part of the Deep River Inn. 

C.D Smith’s Furniture Store and Undertaking business built in 1841 was located across the street and a little further south on Main Street, where the Discount Liquors is today. Prior to Discount Liquors, the existing building was the LaPlace and Ziegra Funeral Home. The Smith home was next door and is currently the Riverwind Inn. IN 1900 W.G. LaPlace purchased the Smith business and moved the building north on Main Street to the area of the Walgreens parking lot. It was squeezed between the Snow house and George Spencer’s home. 

The Union Block was located across the street from the Town Hall. The tall brick building was originally Joseph Banning’s Shoe Store. In the 1950 & 60’s we knew this building as Strick’s Bakery and today is the parking lot for Da Vinci Pizza. 

In 1906 CD Smiths Shop was moved north on Main Street and across the street to become LaPlace’s Furniture Store. They added on the right of the structure to enlarge the space. 

Rudy Anderson would go on to build his own business called Anderson Dry Goods where Compass Rose is today.  

Deep River Movie Theater or Pratt’s Theater was first a dance studio as Professor Pratt was a distinguished dance instructor. It was located where Walgreens is today.

Follow the link below for Part 2- “Main Street”.

Thank you Simon for your wonderful talk!

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