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Celebrating Women Part One

Celebrating Women

While COVID has closed our doors it has not stopped the curatorial teams of Chester, Deep River and Essex. They have been hard at work collecting stories of women who have impacted our communities over the last 100 years. We have reached out to families to tell the stories of their mothers and grandmothers who worked or volunteered, in the community to make this a better place to live and raise our families. 

Today’s video is the first in a three part series documenting the stories of these remarkable women. We begin in 1900 talking about those who worked for women’s rights to vote and continue through 1950. What did those women do next?  Follow along as we introduce part 2 1950 to 2000 and lastly in part 3 2000 to our current date. This project has been an amazing journey but it’s not over yet. If these videos remind you of someone who should be remembered for her actions please contact your local historical society and tell her story. 

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