245 Main Street

Deep River, CT. 06417

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245 Main Street

Deep River, CT 06417

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History of the Stone House

The Southworth Family

The Stone House was built of local granite in 1840 by Deacon Ezra Southworth as a home for his bride, Eunice Post. The original house had a flat tin roof with a slight slope to the rear, four rooms up, four rooms down. A plain gable roof was later constructed over the original, with its ridge parallel to the street.

Ezra Job Birney Southworth
Fannie Shortland Southworth
Eunice Post Southworth
Ada Gilbert Southworth Munson

After Deacon Ezra’s death in 1859, the house was occupied by his widow and their son Ezra Job Birney Southworth. The large two story wooden ell was added in 1881, as EJB married Fannie Shortland. Their daughter Ada was born here in 1882. The ell was widened shortly after it was built.

In 1899, the veranda was added along with the shingled dormer facing the street. Ada married Charles N. Munson in 1906. They lived mostly in Jacksonville, Florida. Their only child died in infancy. Ada Munson eventually returned to Deep River, and lived in the house until her death in 1946. The Stone House property on South Main Street was left to the Society by Ada Southworth Munson in 1946.

The Stone House has many individual items of historical interest. In addition, the Society has acquired by gift or purchase several outstanding collections of special local significance. The house includes both furnished rooms and dedicated exhibit spaces which have been carefully refurbished and maintained by DRHS volunteers through the years. Some furnishings and many of the artifacts on display are from the Southworth family.